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Technical Information
Not sure who wrote this, but it was distributed with the MAME ROM set.  It looks like useful information. 

The ROM board can be configured for 2732 or 2532 type EPROMS.  If you need to replace an EPROM, make sure you use the same type as the original. 

The video decode ROMS are Harris 7641-5 bipolar PROMS.  These were also made by Motorola.  They can be read by an EPROM programmer set for a Motorola 68764, in which case the 512 actual bytes of data appear at addresses $e00 to $fff, with the rest of the addresses containing either $ff or garbage.  Unfortunately a 68764 can't be used as a replacement as it is far too slow.  Cypress makes several high-speed CMOS PROMS and EPROMS that might be usable as replacements, although I haven't tried any of them.  I'm not sure whether these Cypress parts can be programmed by a typical EPROM programmer configured for 27xx parts; refer to a Cypress data book for details.  If it is necessary to burn a replacement for one of the video decode PROMS, the most expedient approach might be to wire an adapter to use the AMD 45 nS 27H010 parts.  Those parts are much higher capacity than is necessary, but they are easy to get, not too expensive, and can be programmed by most EPROM programmers.  Anyhow, I don't know why I'm writing this, as bipolar PROMS aren't all that likely to fail. 

Vendor   Part #  organization  max. access time (nS)  max supply current (mA)
-------  ------  ------------  ---------------------  -----------------------
Harris   7641-5     512 * 8             70                       180
Cypress  7C292A    2048 * 8             50                        90
Cypress  7C264     8192 * 8             55                       100

Other hardware Information
Video Sound ROM# 9 

Williams Game# 3004 

Lights should be connected to 6.3 VAC 
Light type is #44 or #47 
The lights that are currently in the Duramold are #44 - 6Volt.

If you need parts, check Bob Roberts website.

The florescent light is 18" or 15" in the upright version, and 15" in the Duramold version.

I purchased a F14T12/CW   "15-IN PH Flourescent Lamp" for the Duramold.  $7.21 as a replacement bulb.  It fits, but a smaller diameter bulb would fit better.  The diameter on this bulb is the same as a normal overhead florescent bulb found in a ceiling.

Someone else inquired about the bulb, and ended up getting a F14T8/CW which is made by Sylvania.  This bulb supposedly fit very well in the machine.   I will probably get one of these next time I replace my bulb.  The F14 refers to a length of 14 inches.  When you measure from end to end, the space for the bulb is closer to 15 inches, but that is including the metal ends and prongs on the bulb.  The 8 must have something to do with the diameter, as the F14T12 was a larger diameter than the F14T8. 

Duramold monitor is Wells-Gardner 19K4951 
(K4900 (Std Res) - 19K4901, 19K4906, 19K4951, 19K4956) manual in PDF

Need a replacement Joystick Centering Spider?  Only $11.  Go to Wizzes Workshop. These replacement spiders are a bit stronger than the originals, and you get quite a workout trying to move the joystick. I would recommend buying a couple and using a razor to shave off some of the material to better match the stretch factor of the original.

I just bought a EPROM programmer, and was wondering what voltage to use to program the 2732 ROM chips. According to Bob Roberts programming page, the 2732 requires 25 volts.

The CPU RAM chips are 4116. I had a bad chip and need to order a replacement from Bob Roberts.

MAME current
MAME name - Mame ROM - revision
sinistar - sinistar.xx - Rev.3
sinista1 - sinrev1.xx - AMOA
sinista2 - sinrev2.xx - Rev.2