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On Tue, 30 Dec 2003 03:13:35 +0000, The Midnight Rambler wrote:

> "sali" <> wrote in message
>> On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 21:38:00 +0000, The Midnight Rambler wrote:
> (rom ok
> ram ok)
>> LOL, I remember Wms Sinistar! I was a horridly difficult game that sent so
>> many people running back to the relative safety of Ms Pacman. ("RUN,
>> Coward!")
> Yeah! Exactly! You have to comprehend just how HORRIFIED they were by it. I
> mean, when he gets you, which is often, there's that hideous roaring sound.
> The stuff of nightmares, really.

Hehehe, yup it was like they found themselves in the alternate video game
universe where Spock had a beard. One in which Ms Pacman had _no_ power
dots, the fruit in the maze exploded when touched and homed in
on you with increasing speed.

And yes, it was like those nightmares where you can't get away from the
implacable Evil Guy on whom none of your weapons seem ever to work.

-Sali, "Now there's a thought- they could make Saddam Hussein play
Sinistar until he tells them where the WMDs are."