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Sinistar Team

Noah Falstein - Project Leader and a co-designer 

Programmed AI and various bits and pieces (the planetoid-shaking crystal-releasing code for example)
Currently: President of The Inspiracy
Sam Dicker - Lead Programmer  Robert J. Mical - programmer  Richard A. Witt -  Programmer  John Newcomer - Original design and story line  Jack Haeger - artwork/graphics 
Currently: Working at Williams or Midway Games?
Michael Metz - Sound effects  Other people involved: 

Rich Grande (pronounced GHRAN-day) - 

"I don't remember for sure, but I think that an [Rich] was the main one responsiblefor hardware design." - Noah Falstein
Ken Lantz - the head of the software division 
"Designed the special 49 position (7x7 matrix) joystick that was later used in Bubbles and I think some other games like Blaster.  It was a compromise between the reliable but boring 9 position digital sticks and the cool but easily broken analog sticks that had been done up to then." - Noah Falstein
Leo Ludzia - Mechanical

Gary Berge - Mechanical

Greg Wepner - Hardware