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Tricks and Rumors



255 lives Trick

This little trick is harder than the game itself, but worth it if you pull it off. On your last man, make sure a warrior fires at you just as Sinistar sucks you in. As the Sinistar sucks you in, you will lose your last man, but when the warrior's bullet hits you, you will have one less than zero ships.  Note:  The warriors stop shooting as soon as you are 'caught' by Sinistar.  The game was programmed this way, to prevent you from dying twice.  Since you are trying to die twice, you have to let a warrior shoot at you, before you get sucked in, then hope that the shot hits you after you have been sucked in.  This is very tricky.

[Note: 8-bit processors can only handle values from 0-255, for a total of 256 values. Therefore, "one less than zero ships" will roll around to 255.] 

Easter Eggs

(Posted to Usenet news by Ken Bloch and can be found on Williams Arcade Classics CD-ROM.  The filename is RETSAE.GGE and it is located under the Sinistar folder.  )

Finally, I would like to re-submit the Sinistar Easter Egg instructions, painstakingly assembled by Jeff Vavasour. 

1. Set the game to Pricing Mode 3. (Credits have to register. If it's in free play, it won't work. 

2. Set the game to one ship per game. (Not needed, but it makes it quicker to pull off since you have to go through two games without doing much of anything.) 

3. Put in one quarter. (The game shows "1 Credit.") 

4. Start a 1-player game. 

5. Bump into an asteroid. 

6. Press the fire button seven times. (How many times you press and release the button is what counts, not how many shots come out.) 

7. Don't bump into another asteroid or shoot again, just get shot and end the game. If you do shoot or hit something, go back to step 5. 

8. With NO CREDITS, press the 2-Player button three times. 

9. Put in another quarter. (1 Credit now.) 

10. Start a new 1-player game. 

11. Press the Sinibomb button once, even though you have none. (Don't touch anything or shoot!) 

12. There are two Easter egg messages, one a more complete version of the other. Step 13 says how to trigger the more complete one, step 14 is the simpler one. 

For the "Crossword" Easter egg: 

13a. Deposit three quarters. 

13b. Press Sinibomb again. 

For the "Williams" Easter egg: 

14a. End the game without hitting or shooting. (Just get shot.) 

14b. Press 1-Player WITHOUT ANY CREDITS. 

* * * 

Two more words of advice: don't let the attract mode cycle between 
games, because the attract mode ship hitting an asteroid counts too; 
also, don't press the fire or sinibomb buttons at any time except when 
it says to do so in the steps. 

- Jeff Vavasour



Mame Cheat

Add these lines to the cheat.dat file in the MAME top level directory:
sinista1:0:A013:5:0:Always Have 5 Sinibombs
sinista1:0:9FFC:3:0:Infinite Lives
sinista2:0:A013:5:0:Always Have 5 Sinibombs
sinista2:0:9FFC:3:0:Infinite Lives
sinistar:0:A013:5:0:Always Have 5 Sinibombs
sinistar:0:9FFC:3:0:Infinite Lives

How do you use these cheats? Simply put them, one code per line, into
a file in your MAME directory called cheat.dat. Start MAME with the -cheat
switch. Hit TAB to go to the menu, and "cheat" should be one of the options.
Select it, then select "Load And/Or Enable A Cheat." Turn on the cheats
you wish to use, and go back to your game. Make sure not to turn cheats
on during the game's boot-up sequence, or it may fail the RAM test and
fail to work properly.

For in-depth information on the cheat system, be sure to read the cheat.doc
file that comes with MAME 0.30.

I don't know enough about the MAME cheats, but I would think that it is some type of ROM location change.  I would imagine that you could perform these by writing something to a EPROM, and plugging it in, but I am not comfortable enough trying that yet. 

Arcade's Greatest Hits: Williams Collection
Gameshark Codes (you must have a gameshark to use these!)

GameShark Codes : Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 - DC

Inf. Lives (Sinistar Only) 5A7748CB00000003

Playstation codes
Unlimited lives (Defender) 801BA1C8 0200 
Unlimited smart bombs (Defender) 801BA1CA 0301 
Unlimited lives (Defender 2) 801BBDDE 0102 
Unlimited smart bombs, invisibility (Defender 2) 801BBDE0 1E03
Unlimited lives (Joust) 801BA050 0400
801BA052 0005
Unlimited lives (Robotron 2084) 801BBDEC 0102
Unlimited lives (Sinistar) 801B9FFC 0003
Unlimited Sinibombs (Sinistar) 801BA012 0900

Dreamcast Codes
Infinite Lives - Sinistar 5A7748CB00000003
Infinite Lives - Defender (player 1) 9A68356C00000200
Infinite Lives - Defender (player 2) DB50BC4400000102
Infinite Lives - Defender 2 (player 1) 52FF48C300000102
Infinite Lives - Defender 2 (player 2) 670B54D500000200
Infinite Lives - Joust (player 1) 9C08356C00000400
Infinite Lives - Joust (player 2) 54EF48CC00000400
Infinite Lives - Robotron (player 1) 3BE11BD300000102
Infinite Lives - Robotron (player 2) 25675CD100000102
Infinite Smart Bombs - Defender (player 1) C5D3D86300000301
Infinite Smart Bombs - Defender (player 2) DB68BC4400000A03
Infinite Smart Bombs - Defender 2 (player 1) 520748C300001E03
Infinite Smart Bombs - Defender 2 (player 2) 9B30356300000301

Nintendo 64 Gameshark codes
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1

Infinite Lives P1 & P2 8016931C 0003
Infinite Bombs P1 & P2 80169333 0003
Score Modifier P1 & P2 (00-99) 8016931F 00??
80169320 00??

Sinistar Unleashed cheat codes.

(press ~ for the console, then just type them in followed by enter): 

        cheatfreecrystal            -     Crystals 
        cheatnodmg                  -     God mode (you can not die) 
        cheatsnapshotaitext     -     AI texts 
        cheatcycleaitext            -     AI texts 
        level <0-23>                  -     Level select
        soundvol 0-100             -     Sound volume
        musicvol 0-100             -     Music volume
        bind ' key name ' action - keys with actions belegen
        gammaval 0-100 - Worth of gamma
        pitch 0-1 - Control pitchen
        forcefeedback 0-100 - Forcefeedback adjust
        quit - Quit game
        exit - console close


Supposedly, Sinistar was the first game to use stereo.   The link to the source of this information is dead, so I removed it.