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Here is a picture of the Date of Manufacture. This should be inside the machine. On the uprights, it is stuck on the back of the wooden coin box (not the plastic part that goes inside the wooden box).

After discussing with Warren, I think the DOM format is the two digit year followed by the number of days from the beginning of the year. For example, 83136 would be Monday, May 16th, 1983. This NASA webpage has a chart showing day of the year. This link can convert the date to the day of the week.

Here is what the serial number looks like. It should be located on all of the boards, as well as stamped into the wood on the upright on the front to the right of the coin door, and also in the back on the bottom. Some machines will have multiple serial numbers because boards were swapped out as they died. If you have a serial number smaller than 615979 or higher than 624398, contact me. You could have a valuable version of the game.