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Sinistar Cabinet Styles

Cockpit Upright (Wooden) Upright (Duramold) Cocktail Cabaret




Cockpit (not to be confused with the cocktail)

Height: 56.00"
Width: 30.00"
Depth: 70.00"
Weight: 342 lbs
Act Dim Wt*: 606 lbs
Ship Dim Wt*: 825 lbs

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Upright (Wooden)

Height: 70.00"
Width: 24.50"
Depth: 28.40"
Weight: 270 lbs
Act Dim Wt*: 251 lbs
Ship Dim Wt*: 381 lbs

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The cocktail Sinstar was reported to have been made for the Japan market. There has never been a direct report of one being seen. I talked to a guy who had a cocktail game that was converted to a Sinistar cocktail. He was interested in selling it. I can probably dig up his information if anyone is interested in buying it.

Regarding a cocktail version: 
> In a message dated 3/12/97 6:41:10 AM, (RJ Mical) wrote: 

>>> Does 
>>> anyone have credible evidence about the existence of a Sinistar Cocktail 
>>> Model? 
>> Noah - They made a cocktail unit, didn't they? 
>> -Bob 

> I'm  sure I remember seeing a cocktail unit at Williams, but it might have 
> been a prototype.  My very spotty memory suggests that there were in fact a 
> handful of cocktail units sold -- the numbers I remember hearing were about 
> 3000 uprights, 2000 sit-downs, and (I'm very vaguely remembering Ken Fedesna 
> or some other management person talking here) less than 100 cocktails.  But 
> that could have been orders that they decided not to fill. 

> Sorry I can't be more positive. 

> Noah 


There have been no reports of a cabaret style Sinistar made.

Here is an example of a cabaret Crazy Climber cabinet.



*NOTE: Dimensional Weight (also know as "Dim Weight") is an industry standard formula used by shipping companies. The calculation is used to determine how much space a package will take up. Most shipping rates are calculated based on Dim Weight or actual weight, whichever is greater. The formula for Dim Weight is (L" x W" x D")/194. The examples shown here show the actual dimensional weight for the game, and then given an estimated shipping dimensional weight assuming that 5" of packing material is needed in each dimension. Your actual results may vary.