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Sinistar had one piece left and I had three Sinibombs.
I fired the three Sinibombs and waited to get killed by a warrior.
I got shot.  Sinistar showed up since I died.
He got hit and I was awarded a bunch of points.
My score went up to 44000, and I was awarded a ship and went on to the
next level.
I went into level 2 with one ship and died shortly after that.

I have to score less than enough to give myself an extra ship.  That way
when I die, I will advance to the next level with the.

One way would be to score an extra ship by destroying parts of Sinistar
before he is built until I get the extra ship.  Then get back up to 20
crystals and mine until he comes alive.  Once he is alive, hit him with
12 sinibombs so he is left with one piece.  Die until you are down to
one ship.  As soon as you come on the screen wait until some warriors
show up and fire off your remaining sinibombs.  Try to get the warriors
to shoot you.  Once you die, Sinistar should show up and hopefully he
will get hit by the remaining sinibombs.  This should cause the 255 ship
trick.  This may have been fixed in a later ROM revision, so it should
be tested with each ROM set.

It is easiest to pick up the crystals from the upper-left side of the

Watch the Warriors: destroy them as soon as you can before they let off
those accurate shots.

Mine crystals carefully in ones and twos to avoid letting the Workers steal

Sinistar is very difficult to out run when completed, but you can change
directions very quickly to get some clearance.

Fire your Sinibombs carefully, as they are wasted if they contact Workers or
Warriors. Sinibombs home in on Sinistar.

If you fire repeatedly at an Asteroid, it will be destroyed, releasing 3 to
5 crystals, but you have to be quick to collect them all.

It takes 13 Sinibombs to destroy Sinistar when it is fully completed. (Mark

There is a trick of hiding behind an asteroid as Sinistar will then push the
asteroid away with you safely behind it. This will enable you to get several
crystals before the asteroid blows up giving you a greater chance at killing
him.(Mark Armstrong)

After filling up the limit on Sinibombs, you want the Sinistar to build
faster and get to the next stage. Why? Because the fighters get meaner as
time goes on. So you want to kill Sinistar sooner. How to do this? Continue
mining the crystals and let the workers pick them up. They take them to the
Sinistar and build him faster. Then as soon as the Sinistar is built, and
you hear he's alive, continue mining crystals but now start dropping
sinibombs, don't wait till he's close, the Sinibombs will seek the Sinistar.
The whole idea is to defeat the Sinistar and still have a boat load of
Sinibombs left over for the next level. What I do is drop a Sinibomb for
each crystal I pick up, thus maintaining and full boat of Sinibombs and at
the same time there are now Sinibombs out there seeking the Sinistar to
knock him apart. - epg3

Sinistar is one of the more fun...yet repetitious games I've played.
Essentially, there are five screens:
  The First Zone (unnamed)
  The Worker Zone (extra workers)
  The Warrrior Zone (extra warriors)
  The Planetoid Zone (extra planetoids)
  The Void Zone (lots of workers and warriors, very few
Important:  Although the Sinistar is assembled by 20 only
need 13 Sinibombs to destroy him.  Once the Sinistar is must
blow up 12 of the surrounding pieces and the face (which counts as 1 piece).
Knowing can save 7 Sinibombs per wave (provided none are inter-
General Playing tips...always start the wave by mining crystals.
Mine crystals by shooting lage planetoids 5-6 times...small planetoids
2-3 times.  As long as you do this in spurts (not too quickly) you can
collect crystals from the same planetoid.  If a worker steals a crystal,
shoot it.  If the crystal is close and not moving too quickly...get it.
Otherwise, ingore it.
Workers DON'T can bump them out of the way or shoot them.
Planetoids also don't kill you when you ram them.  Avoid blowing them up as
they are your source of crystals.  BTW, crystals collected = sinibombs.
You can ram warriors too, but they will turn and blast you.
In general, watch out for warriors (the blue tank ships), and MINE
CRYSTALS like mad!!!
After the Void Zone...the game starts over at the first zone...
only the speed and enemy count increases.
Final note:  use small movements...the stick is quite sensitive
and moves in 49 directions (48 + center).
Good luck...there really isn't a pattern for this one as the
galaxy is different each time you play...